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  • Maximize the value of your property
  • Eliminate the day-to-day problems of managing your property 
  • Services provided by Certified Property Manager®

  • Our goal is to increase the value of your property by improving its cash flow. We will do everything possible to maximize rental income while minimizing operating expenses.

  • Our goal is to make your income property desirable to tenants so that they are attracted to your property and want to stay.

  • Our goal is to manage your property in a business like manner by providing solid advice and then implementing the owner's decisions in a timely manner.

  • Our goal is to be responsive to the phone calls of our client owners as well as tenants who pay rent to the owner.

  • Our goal is to have our staff live by the Golden Rule at all times.

  • Our goal is to serve our clients by providing good stewardship and advice at all times.

  • Our goal is to use our position as property managers to protect and improve our environment while conserving valuable resources.

We specialize in the following areas:
  • Retail Centers, including merchants' associations
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Office, Industrial Condominiums
  • Merchant's Associations

REO Property Management and Sales

Ask yourself the following about your management company:
  • Are they making every possible effort to keep your property 100% leased?
  • Can they do more to improve the value of your property?
  • Do they vigorously pursue the collection of delinquent rents?
  • Are they competent and responsive?
  • Are your operating funds being spent wisely?
  • Does their method of operation create a conflict of interest?
  • Are you receiving the benefit of volume purchasing power? will actively lease and manage your commercial building, providing superior services while achieving the lowest possible costs.

Michael Chulak, the President of Coast, is a real estate attorney with over 30 years of experience managing commercial properties. He will be personally involved on a day to day basis in supervising the leasing and management of your property. Coast has highly experienced personnel so that you can be assured of attentive and responsible support. We encourage you to visit our office to see our operation. has a simple approach: We serve every client as if they were our only client. Please call us Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. We would like the opportunity of meeting with you so that we can review your leasing and management needs and prepare a proposal that best meets your requirements.

Coast does not make a profit on any of the contractors or suppliers utilized to repair or maintain your property. Coast uses independent parties for these services, not companies owned by the principals of Coast. Consequently, there are no hidden or secret profits. Most importantly, when you are billed for repairs or maintenance, you never have to wonder if you were overcharged because we have no conflict of interest.
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Our Full Service Includes:

In addition to utilizing our own staff, Coast will cooperate with all qualified brokerage firms so that effectively, the entire brokerage community will have the ability to lease your property.

Brochures will be mailed or delivered to every commercial broker and tenant in the area. We believe that extensive canvassing results in signed leases.

We will prepare an attractive marketing brochure which will include photos of the property, all relevant information required for a prospect's initial analysis and well thought out reasons to lease space in your building.

Visit: Commercial Tenant Leasing Glossary

The accounting and financial services we provide will be comprehensive, timely and accurate. They include:

  • Preparing a monthly Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements including a Check Register.
  • Preparing a list of delinquent accounts each month, if any.
  • Paying all authorized bills.
  • Collecting monthly rents including any late charges.
  • Following up on all delinquencies and working with legal counsel when necessary to assist in collections.
  • Preparing any payroll checks.

At your option, Coast will place your building employees on our payroll. We will prepare all payroll checks and will file all required payroll related tax returns.

  • Maintaining businesslike relations with tenants and promptly responding to requests for services. We place a strong emphasis on tenant retention.
  • Obtaining bids and negotiating contracts.
  • Supervising contractors for maximum results.
  • Promptly reporting to the owner any conditions that require the attention of the owner.
  • Inspecting the property on a systematic basis.
  • Training and supervising on-site employees. maintains a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year emergency response service to effectively deal with any problems which require immediate attention.

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