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Security Disasters

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Written by Attorney Michael T. Chulak

Following are actual case summaries, including the verdict, where security cameras and video surveillance warning signs could have changed the outcome for the business or property owner. When you balance the cost of security cameras against the potential cost of being sued and losing the case, security cameras are not expensive. You be the judge.

Type of Case
and Verdict
Summary of Facts
Inadequate Security
Negligent Security

Vu et al, vs.
United National Bank,
et al.

Owner of tailor shop in small retail mall was raped by a visitor to the mall. Her husband was assaulted, tied and witnessed the crime. No tenant had ever expressed a concern for safety or need for additional security. Security guard was on duty during the criminal act, but it was determined that he responded too slowly. Jury found the property owner, property management company and guard company 87.5% liable and the rapist only 12.5% liable for the damages.

Premises Liability
Negligent Maintenance

Harris vs. Ross Morgan
and Park Sorrento Condominium
Owners Association, Inc.

Harris lost her balance and fell down a staircase. She claimed that Ross Morgan negligently performed inspection services it was required to perform and that the stairs were constructed improperly.

Premises Liability
Negligent Maintenance

Grassi vs. UDO Partners

Grassi was the owner of a small restaurant in a shopping center. Upon leaving work she stepped in a hole in the parking area and fell. She was seriously injured. The owners knew of the hole but failed to repair it. Grassi was also aware of the hole before the incident but stepped in it notwithstanding her knowledge. Defendants asserted that plaintiff could have avoided the hole.

Inadequate Security
Premises Liability

Kanemoto vs. Encino
Manor Apartment, et al.

Kanemoto was bound, gagged and raped by an intruder who gained access to her apartment.

Premises Liability

Wassen vs. Village Green
Homeowners Association

A resident of the Village Green HOA opened her garage by using her electronic door opener. The plaintiff, an 86 year old resident was standing in front of the door and was injured when the door opened. The resident who opened the door did not see the plaintiff.

Premises Liability

Lecuyer vs. Sunset Trails
Apartments and MG Properties

Plaintiff was walking backwards, directing a truck when she fell into a planter. She sued the property owner and management company.

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